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Web Security

The default security settings on most websites are not sufficient to ensure your website is safe. You need to pro-actively be aware of what security measures your website should have in place to keep your customers and your data safe.

OWASP have updated their top 10 Critical Web Application Security Risks of 2017.  There are a few changes to the previous list with two entries namely Insecure Direct Object References and Missing Function Level Access Control, merged together into a single category called "Broken Access Control" as well as the new XML External Entities XXE being added.

Hackers are using ever more complex tools and techniques to hack into websites.  Some say in the industry its about when you get attacked as opposed to if you get attacked.

Lets look at some cost effective ways in which we can make our website more secure?

We cannot recommend highly enough for those businesses who need to raise their internet profile.

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