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Google knows a lot about you (probably more than you realise), but read through the information below and make up your own mind.

In the era of rising cyber crime, a focus on cyber security, information privacy and potential data breaches from phishing and cyber attack, is the audit trail and digital footprint you are creating 24/7/365 keeping you safe?

The following sections contain important links so you can find out what Google knows about you.

Google collects information about what topics you are interested in

Ads Personalisation

Google collects information about what topics you are interested in, and uses this information across its search network, including YouTube and partner websites to show ads relevant to you.

Google also knows your age and gender.


Your Activity on Google

Google tracks all your activity online and also on your (Android) Smartphone, every App you open, ever website you visit, every Ad you click on, when you visit Social networks and even tracks who you text and phone and when.


Google stores your location history and journeys

Location History

Google stores your location history, the places you frequent, the journeys you take, where you live and work.  If you use an Android smartphone with location services on, then Google is tracking and logging your every move with pin point GPS accuracy.


Activity Controls

Activity Controls

Google stores you search activity on Apps and Web browsers, your location history, device information (ie contacts, calendars, your voice and audio activity, your YouTube search and watch activity) 


What else does Google Know about me?

Here are some other useful links you can review.

Your YouTube Search History


Your YouTube Watch History


Apps with access to your Google Account


Google Data, am I able to see what they have?

Yes, Google does allow you to export all the data they have on you, your profile info, emails contacts etc.



Google Privacy

It is fair to say Google does have a comprehensive privacy policy, about what information they collect, and keeping your data safe.


About the author

Nigel Brown

Nigel Brown is the technical director at, with over 20 years of industry knowledge and practical experience with a particular interest in eCommerce, Web Security & Azure Cloud technology.   

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