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You need to understand the following aspects of your website, how it is built, where it is hosted and how it is looked after. This is a basic list of what you should understand.

You should know the answers of these four key questions.

1. What technology is your website built on?

Knowing this will help understand what potential issues there are within that particular platform.

2. Does your website have an SSL Certificate, and how strong is it?

Having an SSL certificate, is not enough to make your website secure.  You need to understand not only how strong your SSL certificate is, but also what the underlying server and what protocols and ciphers on the web server are supported and enabled. You may have a strong SSL certificate but the web server has old ciphers anf protocols enabled. (eg RSA/TLS 1.0 etc)

3. What information does your website disclose about itself?

Websites tend to be very open and tell the world all about themselves, what technology they are using, what options are enabled all of which can make your website vulnerable. Closing these default signatures is important.

4. Where is your website hosted, is your data secure and backed up?

Do you know where your website is hosted?, do you know how if its backed up and is your data secure?  


If you are unsure of any of these, you should consider Web Security Scrub, that provides not only an audit of your website security but measures on how to make it more secure. Contact us now for more information.

About the author

Nigel Brown

Nigel Brown is the technical director at, with over 20 years of industry knowledge and practical experience with a particular interest in eCommerce, Web Security & Azure Cloud technology.   

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